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21' ROUND Boulder Swirl Overlap Aboveground Swimming Pool Liner 20 Gauge

21' ROUND Boulder Swirl Overlap Aboveground Swimming Pool Liner 20 Gauge

21' ROUND Boulder Swirl Overlap Aboveground Swimming Pool Liner 20 Gauge

21' ROUND Boulder Swirl Overlap Aboveground Swimming Pool Liner 20 Gauge. 21' Round Boulder Swirl Overlap. Aboveground Swimming Pool Liner 20 Gauge.

This premium virgin vinyl pool liner provides maximum protection against the sun's damaging UV rays so it will last longer and maintain a beautiful appearance for years. The rugged double welded seams will withstand winter's worst. Overlap-style liner is made for flat bottom pools with 48 in.

20 gauge virgin vinyl material-Boulder Swirl Pattern. For flat bottom pools with 48 in. Will not work in expandable swimming pool.

Features strong double welded seams. Provides maximum protection from the sun's damaging UV rays.

Once the liner has been taken out of the box, the liner is not returnable. Please make sure you measure your pool before purchasing the liner. The Most Advanced Processing High Temperature Curing, Computer controlled process insures that 100% of the material is "Vulcanized" to the highest possible tolerances. Vacuum Sealing, high volume air pumps combined with electronic air filters remove all impurities before bonding.

High Pressure Heat Bonding, computer balanced combination of high pressure and exact temperatures insures a void-free permanent bond. State of the Art Seaming The most technically advanced radio frequency R. Vinyl welding reduces the chance of cold spots in seaming process.

Lap welded seams, unlike butt welded seams, reduce both lateral and vertical tension. Quality Control Inspectors, inspect every liner during the welding process.

Reduced Wrinkling - Hand folded flat to reduce wrinkles, unlike automated packers that twist and force the liner into the box which can cause permanent creasing. How To Measure For A Liner. Measuring for a new aboveground pool liner is a simple process. On a round pool you simply get a measuring tape and take 2 measurements. Go from inside the pool at the bottom of the wall and measure directly across to the other side at the same height.

Do this in two locations in the pool so you get the same measurement. We like to measure at the bottom of the wall in case the wall is not plumb from side to side. The wall at the bottom track location is your safest bet.

On an oval pool you do the same thing as a round except that you do it in the middle of the pool from side to side and at the ends at the longest point from end to end. All measurements are from inside the pool touching the wall at the base. Most liners are for 48" or 52" sidewall pools.

Our manufacturers also make provisions for the dirt, sand, wedge, or pool cove that is needed at the base perimeter inside the pool. If your pool has water in it measure out at least 2 ft. From the sidewall with a measuring tape to the point at the top of the wall or where the liner is attached. Bear in mind that most round liners are made to be flat bottom and not a deeper middle.

If your pool has a deeper area please contact one of our representatives to discuss. Some liners are what we call overlap.

This type is the most common and simply folds over the corrugated metal wall and drapes down on the outside of the wall. The liner is held in place by plastic coping strips. You may wish to replace these if your old ones are brittle and dry. Beaded liners have a thick-formed extrusion at the top that hooks into a female receptor around the top of the pool wall on the waterside.

Some brands of pools use a special bead that we can make for you as a special order. Most pools can utilize the standard bead that is common in the industry. Better to be safe than sorry. Incidentally, you can change your overlap liner to accept a beaded liner by simply adding bead receiver strips to the order. This way, if you need to change the liner in the future, you do not have to remove the top seats of the pool.

This is a real timesaver and is much easier to reinstall liners. J-Hook & V-Bead are liner types that have a thicker open flap top that inserts over the corrugated metal wall. It looks likes the plastic coping we use to hold an overlap liner over the metal wall except that, in this case, it is attached to the top of the liner. If you are using an overlap liner and your pool is a flat-bottom, you can use the V-Hook or the J-Hook type liner.

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21' ROUND Boulder Swirl Overlap Aboveground Swimming Pool Liner 20 Gauge